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Equipment Consultancy Services

Today, several healthcare professionals are faced with the increased pressure of improving performance within their medical facility while meeting patients’ expectations and having small budgets.

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Site Planning & Project Management

For new construction or re-model projects, BMETT offers complete radiographic room planning services that best fit your space, workflow needs, and imaging equipment needs.

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After-Sale Service: Preventative and Corrective Maintenance

Through leading-edge technologies, we offer a high-end level of service, combined with quick on-site and remote tasks, to ensure minimal downtime and optimum performance of your imaging system.

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Equipment Performance Plans: Service Contracts

You have purchased a proven product and now you have quality expectations that the risk of system failure should be balanced against the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

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Applications Training

Our Applications Specialists will walk through all features of the system including how to turn the system on and off, perform any required quality assurance tests, patient positioning, and they will conduct several test cases in demonstrating how to use the equipment for each study type.

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Smart Remote Services

Thanks to Smart Remote Services (SRS), services that formerly required on-site visits are now available via an online connection. But that’s not all. Powered by SRS, we enable you to take full advantage of your system’s potential.

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Additional Options & Upgrades

Do you need to extend the lifespan of your installed imaging systems? With Options & Upgrades, you can keep them state-of-the-art and stay competitive — expanding your clinical capabilities and reducing Total Cost of Ownership.

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BMETT – Our Company At A Glance

Our Management Team

At BMETT, one of our greatest assets is our committed team of accomplished professionals, all driven by our goal of first-class service delivery, to ensure a unique and satisfying customer experience.

Meet our management team. Their expertise is central to our continuous realisation of our Mission.

Kieran Thompson

Managing Director

Kieran Thompson brings power to any table—and an especially sterling leadership to BMETT.

Given his 20-plus years of an outstanding track-record in the international business arena, Kieran’s
hallmark role at BMETT is as the premier strategist, deploying innovativeness and varied value-
additions to the Management Team.

After graduating from the renowned St. Anthony’s College in Port-of-Spain, Kieran went on to study
Marketing, Management and Public Relations at the University of the West Indies. He further
deepened his academic preparation with an MBA from Anglia Ruskin University–Cambridge, UK,
specializing in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation.

These well-secured credentials, together with his indefatigable work ethic and a gifted understanding
of success strategies, allowed Kieran to move upward steadfastly on his career-path, earning the
reward, recognition and respect of colleagues and competitors alike.

At the helm of BMETT, Kieran is destined to make a major difference to the healthcare sector
locally and Regionally, establishing himself as ‘someone who can identify with the entire health
spectrum—from the professionalism of the practitioner to the pain-reduction expectations of the
patients and their loved ones’.

Stephanie Ramaya

Manager Service and Logistics

Stephanie Ramaya is a versatile executive and client advocate with 12 years of experience within the healthcare industry.

Teamed with Kieran, their synergistic compatibility encourages a professional atmosphere that exudes strategic excellence.

During the most recent years, Stephanie has worked with the local distributors for General Electric (GE) Healthcare. Having held multiple positions within Service, Logistics and Operations, she has been instrumental in managing key projects in public hospitals and private health institutions throughout Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean.

Equipped with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a B.Sc in Radiography, she is committed to ensuring that optimum service quality levels are maintained for the Company.

Whilst spearheading operations within the organisation, Stephanie’s direct function is to engage clients, understand their needs and deliver industry-leading solutions encapsulating excellence synonymous with the BMETT name.

Undoubtedly, her contribution to the organisation is invaluable and plays an integral part of this efficacious Team.

Safia Khan

Manager Operations/Administration
To ‘manage’ the operations and administration of an international organisation is to be at the centre of that critical intersection between internal personnel and external publics.
At BMETT, that’s where you’ll always find Safia Khan, our well-positioned and prepared Manager Operations/Administration, in the heart of it all.
Safia moves dedicatedly and near effortlessly through both the core as well as the specifics of her Job Description—namely ‘to manage essential functions efficiently and effectively’.
On any given day, Safia is attending to our HR needs, preparing Status Reports, liaising with our network of Partners, making cost-controlled purchases, communicating with and supporting Customers, ensuring business compliance, and generally being the eyes, ears, voice and hands for our Management Team as needs be.
Her academic and work track-records have fully equipped her for those responsibilities—from being an Honours graduate in Business Management (University of Sunderland), to evolving through Officer positions at iQor Trinidad Ltd., ANSA McAL Chemicals Limited, Ministry of Land and Marine Resources, Royal Castle, and Testron Chemicals Ltd.
When it comes to providing professional management service, Safia Khan delivers!

Anushka Kattick-Mahabirsingh

Business Consultant

Dynamic and well-connected, Anushka Kattick-Mahabirsingh brings a wealth of industry experience
and expertise to the BMETT Team.

In her capacity as Business Consultant, Anushka is instrumental in setting our
growth targets and crafting strategies for the continuous development of the organisation… all aimed
at taking BMETT from strength to strength!

Anushka has successfully completed various levels of tertiary training in Radiological Sciences and
Business. She has mastered both the academic and hands-on sides of her field—attaining the rank of
President of the Society of Radiographers of T&T, and putting on record her service at COSTAATT,
CASi Healthcare Technologies Limited, and the North Central Regional Health Authority.

As our Business Consultant, Anushka ensures that the BMETT offering moves to, and stays, at the top of the
nationwide Biomedical service fields, seeking and satisfying Customers, and navigating the course to
the unrelenting success of our Company and the achievement of our goals.

Justin Mahabirsingh

Sales Manager and Clinical Product Specialist

As our Sales Manager and Clinical Product Specialist, Justin Mahabirsingh is responsible for
spearheading the Sales Team to expand BMETT’s operations.

Justin’s in-depth knowledge of the industry and the latest in innovative healthcare technologies stems
from his experience as a Radiographer, Lecturer, Consultant, and Sales and Business Developer.
Professionally, Justin has served two (2) consecutive years as President of the Society of
Radiographers of Trinidad and Tobago. He has presented at Radiography Conferences both locally
and internationally.

He has achieved a Master of Applied Sciences in Medical Imaging from Charles Sturt University and
is currently pursuing a Master of Applied Science in Biomedical Physics with the University of the
West Indies.

Justin is the Renaissance Man of our Team who makes things at BMETT pulse, expanding the base
of our resources to meet the full extent of our Customers’ needs.

Our Client Testimonials

The BMETT Team has proven to be highly skilled and efficient. Their higher level expertise allows them to understand our needs, provide the right solutions and give us ample support during our operations. I would highly recommend BMETT in the healthcare sector.

Sienna Matthew-Regis

Senior Radiographer, Victoria Hospital, St. Lucia
I have been using the services of BMETT for the past year and I have found that BMETT is innovative in their approach. They recognize and fully evaluate our needs and present workable solutions that fit our challenging environment. I can only report positive experiences in my interactions with BMETT and I am confident in their capability to provide excellent customer service to the public sector.

Chaitram Ramroop CDR (R), RT (ARRT)

Regional Manager Radiology Services, South-West Regional Health Authority
This is to certify that Biomedical Enterprises of Trinidad and Tobago Limited is a registered supplier with the South-West Regional Health Authority. Biomedical Enterprises of Trinidad and Tobago Limited has been one of our key providers over the last year, supplying parts for Siemens Radiology Equipment and providing biomedical technical support services to the Authority. Having interacted with Biomedical Enterprises of Trinidad and Tobago Limited, I have found that they have demonstrated superior technical expertise and work ethics. I am pleased to recommend Biomedical Enterprises of Trinidad and Tobago Limited as a Sales and Service Support Company.

Faraz Rahamut

Biomedical Engineer, South-West Regional Health Authority